About the 4% Surcharge

Bar Acuda Restaurant constantly strives to provide the best work environment we can for our employees so we can provide long-term jobs and careers for our staff instead of the usual transient employment that is associated with the restaurant business.

It is with this spirit that we ask for your support.

Starting January 1st. We will be implementing a 4% employee benefit surcharge added to checks in order to offer the best possible health care coverage to our full time employees (20 hours per week). This exceptional health plan far exceeds the Affordable Care Act or the Obama plan mandated coverage and is greatly appreciated by our staff.

The cost of offering these benefits is significant and the reality is that smaller restaurants like this one have a very high ratio of staff members to revenue and run on very slim margins. We have discussed simply raising menu prices but would rather keep our menu prices as an accurate reflection of our ingredient costs and hope you can support us in what is becoming a widely used practice amongst the country’s best restaurants.

We are eternally grateful to you, our customers, who support our restaurant and allow us to do what we love for a living. We thank you for all your support and as always will constantly strive to be the best restaurant we can be day in and day out, Thank you for your support.

Mandated Health insurance premiums paid out for 2015: $115,921.00

Funds raised through 4% Health Insurance Surcharge for 2015: $88,118.00


Jim Moffat, Owner